Hey there, Welcome to my small spot in the universe.

I’m LBR – Liz Brown-Reeves. I’m a “double winner.”  Anyone know what that fun phrase means?  If you don’t – it means I am alcoholic and co-dependent and am in recovery for both.  I got sober on June 5, 2005 – if you do the math.. that’s 11 years, 11 months and some change.. not that anyone is keeping track.

I’m not just a sober person in the world.. I have a full life that I am blessed to have- I’m a professional female.. I run my own consulting business (lobbying/ politics).  I’m also a wife to Michael and mother to Henry (8) and Leo (7).

My highs: girlfriends (my hometown sisters, work colleagues, sober sisters and anyone I meet along the way); plus size fashion & shopping; good books (love Audible); being crafty; volunteering at my boys’ school, growing my spiritual practice; meditation; being of service to my fellow people of the world.

I have been sharing my story for years, but I decided to expand my universe on to the World Wide Web.. you know.. this one.. the one Al Gore created.

So, here I am and as they say in meetings – take what you like and leave the rest…

I would love to hear from you!